Board of Directors/Committee Chairs 2016

Association Officers



President Mark Lunn, 

Ventura County


 Vice-President Donna Allred,

Sacramento County

Treasurer Leslie Morgan,
Shasta County


Immediate Past-President Donna Johnston, Sutter County

Parliamentarian Kelly Sanders, Humboldt County

Historian Monique Blakely, Los Angeles County


Association Directors

Barbara Dunmore, Contra Costa County

Portia Sanders, Los Angeles County

Joani Finwall, San Bernardino County

Danielle Rifilato, Santa Barbara County

Carol Sutherland, Santa Cruz County

David Valenzuela, Ventura County

Val Wood, San Diego County


Committees & Chairpersons

Legislative -  David Valenzuela, Ventura County and Monique Blakely, Los Angeles County

Uniform Practices/Mutual Problems - Jaime Pailma, Los Angeles County

Constitution and Bylaws - Wardell House Jr.,  San Diego County

Nominating  - Gina Alcomendras, Santa Clara County

Resolutions and Awards - Tommy Gong, San Luis Obispo

Liaison, CA Dept. of Public Health - Portia Sanders, Los Angeles County

Liaison, Secretary of State - Barbara Dunmore, Contra Costa County

Liaison, Related Industries - Val Wood, San Diego County

Information Systems - Donna Johnston, Sutter County

Certification and Training - Jodi Olson, Marin County

Document Reference Manual - Danielle Rifilato, Santa Barbara County

Transfer Tax - John Tuteur, Napa County

Audit - Paul Dictos, CPA, Fresno County

Conference Time and Place - Carol Sutherland, Santa Cruz County

County Recorders’ Directory - Rebecca Turner, Calaveras County

Statistical Report - Alissia Northrup, Del Norte County

Marshal - Chuck Storey, Imperial County